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BrainChip enters a partnership with Circle8 Clean Technologies and AVID Group to create “Smart Bins”

An Edge AI on-chip processing and learning company, BrainChip, enters the partnership with Circle8 Clean Technologies and AVID Group to create “Smart Bins”. These bins can differentiate and recycle many wastes with the assistance of AI-powered sensors and robotics.

The companies, BrainChip and AVID, will collaborate their tech and expertise to create waste receptacles that automatically catalog waste as plastic, metal, and glass to reduce the environmental impact of waste, especially reducing landfills and minimizing ocean pollution.

The bins contribute to data and insights about waste generation and consumption patterns, says the release. The shared knowledge will be utilized to improve refuse reduction and identify mitigation strategies, said the report.

The collaboration plans to increase recycling rates to minimize the cost of waste management and recycling.

Mark Grogan, Managing Director, Circle8 Clean Technologies, said, “We are delighted to work with BrainChip to develop intelligent smart bins addressing our next generation global initiative,”

“As a company that is committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility, we are always looking for innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint and enhance our community engagement.”

“There are potentially millions of bins worldwide that we believe can be and should be upgraded with advanced intelligence to help all of us achieve the goal of making waste management and, more importantly, plastic recycling more convenient, efficient, and eco-friendly.”

The collaboration between BrainChip, Circle8 Clean Technologies, and AVID Group is a means to an initiative for creating smart cities. These use AI and IoT technologies to enhance the quality of life, efficiency of services and sustainability of urban environments.

The smart bins will first be introduced to municipalities in Australia, then expand into additional locations in the world.

Rob Telson, VP Ecosystems and Partnerships at BrainChip, said, “We are extremely excited to partner with the Circle8 and AVID Group to apply our neuromorphic processor technology to the challenge of sustainable waste management,”

“Akida™ is ideal for Edge AI applications that require cost-effective, ultra-low power, intelligent, real-time processing.”

“At BrainChip, we see a global opportunity to enable innovative solutions that radically improve recycling and waste management, more effectively and intelligently than ever before.”

Source: https://brainchip.com/brainchip-and-circle8-clean-technologies-avid-group-work-to-reduce-and-recycle-waste-through-joint-development-of-intelligent-smart-bins/