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Rubicon Carbon partners with CHOOOSE to offer carbon removal solutions

Rubicon Carbon has announced partnership with CHOOOSE to allow businesses to collaborate climate action with customer experiences through automation and reporting.

CHOOOSE is a climate action SaaS platform for the travel industry. The two companies propose to bring an ‘integrated suite of products and services’. It includes emissions calculations, automated reporting, transaction management, and so on.

These products and services are powered by CHOOOSE software and Rubicon’s portfolio of carbon solutions.

With the collaboration, the two companies assist organizations with the net zero goals by utilizing Rubicon Carbon’s ‘risk-adjusted framework’ that observes the ‘risk of the project over-crediting to produce high-integrity carbon credits’, as mentioned in the report.

While CHOOOSE plans to utilize ‘APIs and white-labeled solutions’ to allow easy access to Rubicon Carbon’s portfolio of carbon projects, they allow less risk for buyers and support adjacent emissions calculation, reporting, and transaction management services.

Rubicon Carbon and CHOOOSE plan to offer portfolios of carbon removal credits to the travel industry and others to access and utilize these solutions.

CHOOOSE offers software that focuses on expertise and precise solution offering in the aviation sector. Meanwhile Rubicon Carbon gives carbon removals, thus, the companies provide clients with many options for taking action on their carbon footprints.

Amit Kumar, Head of Partnerships at Rubicon Carbon, notes, “We’re thrilled to partner with CHOOOSE, a true innovator and enabler of climate action. Our combined expertise will offer our customers an unparalleled ability to meet their voluntary net zero ambitions and compliance requirements with confidence and ease.”

“While the aviation industry continues to accelerate the development of more sustainable fuels, high-integrity carbon offsets will be a critical enabler of emissions reductions for global airlines until those fuels are ready to scale.”

“We look forward to supporting this large and important sector through our partnership with CHOOOSE.”

Source: https://23429001.hs-sites.com/en/blog/rubicon-and-chooose-announce-partnership