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Carbon removal marketplace Supercritical raises $13M in Series A funding

Supercritical has announced $13M Series A funding, led by Lightspeed Venture Pacrtners with support from Greencode, RTP, and MMC.

Supercritical has been working towards building a carbon removal marketplace to achieve the goal of removing 10 billion tonnes of CO2 by 2050. By measuring, reducing and removing CO2 with Supercritical, Michelle You, the founder, believes in supporting businesses to reach net zero and providing access to a range of carbon removal suppliers in marketplace.

By the use of methods like biochar, direct air capture, enhanced weathering and afforestation Supercritical has been working to make the marketplace net zero friendly. So far, they have helped 35% of corporate buyers in carbon removal efforts and top two buyers are Supercritical customers. The Supercritical funding will be used to grow their team and expand its product range.

Tide, a banking platform, has worked with Supercritical and claims to be the first fintech to remove 100% of its emission. XTX Markets has partnered with Supercritical to become the top 10 purchaser of CDR globally. Adding to its customers are Veriff, Multiverse, IMC and more.

Source: https://gosupercritical.com/blog?p=getting-to-gigatonnes-with-our-13m-series-a